Wednesday, January 7, 2009

20 days to go....!!!

Today I am officially starting the countdown...not to the Superbowl, but to my follow-up xrays 8 weeks post op on Jan. 27th, where I will hopefully get the green light for some freedom in the house - which seems I cannot remember what the rest of my house looks like. Also, then I can hopefully start taking short walks. I am still in prison, things are going well, I feel great and my hair is growing back. Today it snowed all day and I just LOVE to go outside and dig, hoping to rescue something under the snow, however, I had to go back inside, so of course in the little diggin' time I had, I found nothing.


Pam Monahan said...

You will be getting out of jail soon, my choco friend! I wish I had some snow....I have not seen any in years!

Moose said...

Moose was due for his 6wk checkup last week but I could not make it in b/c of move and such so his appointment is sched for the 13th (yikes hope it is not bad luck!) which will be 7 1/2 weeks. I am very nervous that things are not right and even if things are ok I wonder if i will be able to stop fretting over him.
Say... once Parker is allowed run of the house will that include sofa access? If not how will you keep him from jumping up there? Will the boxes stay? I guess my doc will tell me what to do. I am so ready to start moving forward, just can't picture it yet!