Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yay...16 week check-up

Well off we went to the surgeon for our final visit (16-week) which is officially tomorrow. I got there and was really happy cause I stepped on the scale and woohoo 72.3 - which is really good for me. Everyone was extremely thinking how awesome it is how I could've lost weight during my recovery. Well the surgeon was Extremely pleased with my progress...they made mom walk me up and down the hallway, which I didn't quite understand as there were girls working at something that looked kinda like my mom's computer she works on all day and nights too. Anyways, all in all everything went well. He wants mom and I to start jogging, which i'm looking forward to. One more month and then I can be off leash and playing with others. Mom is really happy with me and keeps telling me how proud she is that i've done so well and been such a good boy all these months. She also says that i'm going somewhere called "the beach" this summer - not sure what that means yet.


Gwen said...

HOORAY for PARKER!!! That is SUCH exciting news. Enjoy your jogs!

Gwen and Heisman