Monday, May 11, 2009

Minnie Moo's Challenge

At my buddy Moose's request, i've decided to do the "face in the hole" thingy, also known as Minnie Moo's Challenge. It took me some time to figure out who i'd like to be, but thought that since mom is a football fan and likes some guy named Brett Favor, then if I could be anyone else but myself - a handsome choc. lab named after Spiderman, I would want to be Brett. Those guys are cool, they run around on a field and throw a funny shaped ball around. But hey any guy who runs around with a ball is a friend of mine. LOOK AT


Anita said...

So funny, Parker!

dewdana said...

Very handsome Parker! The Green and gold looks good on you but then we already knew that from your John Deere collar! Awesome!
Dana + Moose
p.s. don't forget to tell Minne Moo that you are playing if you did not already!

Stella said...

Very good likeness except I thing Favre is blonder a little more than you.

Good luck in the contest!