Saturday, August 8, 2009

My week

Here's a is a recap of my week...

SATURDAY - AUGUST 1st- Swiss National Holiday - so....I am being patriotic
SUNDAY: Recycling - but then I find out that the bear box isn't for recycling
MONDAY: Hard at work - oops hardly workin...Mom is working, i'm layin in her office
WEDNESDAY: Recycling again - cheese box....yummmmm
EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK - Me waiting for foooooood


JackDaddy said...

How beautiful! And how very good that everyone is recycling!

Chester said...

What a dawg you are, Parker!! So glad to see you are patriotic in your so cool bandana. I do not have a Swiss bandana but I have alot of other ones. I have a USA one too. Good recycling efforts too! Gosh, it's just like lookin' in a mirror that last picture. WE ARE SO HANDSOME-even if we do say so ourselves!!!
Nice moral support there for your Mom while she slaves away too!

Keep up the good, um, "work"
Chester ;0=)

Chester said...

It's me again, Parker! I am far behind on reading blogs and as I scanned further back on your posts I just have to comment on 2 of them.

HAPPY 4 YEARS ANNIVERSARY OF COMING TO LIVE WITH NIKA!! Even as a babies, we looked alot alike. Your dad's name wasn't Wild Rose Gentle Ben was it? If it was, that would explain our similarities.

And this is really funnny 'cuz Mom bought new sheets in February and guess what? They are brown just like yours! Great for hiding!

That's all! I mean it this time!
Woofs and brown sheets of slobbers,
Chester ;0=)

Ms. ~K said...

Ruff week, huh?
Wrooo wrooo!

dewdana said...

Wow, what a busy week you had! Awesome pics of your handsome self!