Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Parker's hospital stay

Well Parker sends a BIG hello and a huge amount of thanks to all his blogger doggy buddies + humans who sent their wishes for his recover. These photos were taken last night on our visit. He was wanting to come home, he was heading for the door. All in all he was doing pretty good, still on the pain killers, etc. It has been emotionally draining and just exhausting the past few days. However, good news! He is coming home this evening. We are keeping this post short, but I wanted to let everyone know that he is recovering well. We will post more in the next few days when he's back home where he belongs. Thanks again!!! And a special thanks to Moose + Dana!!!


JackDaddy said...

Bravo and wow and thank you! I'm glad that Parker is coming home. I wish him the fastest and best recovery!

Rufus and Indie said...

Great great news! We are so happy for Parker! Get well sooooon!
Lots of kisses
Rufus and Indie

Brownie said...

Moose sent us over and we're so glad that Parker is coming home with you! We wish him a speedy and uneventful recovery

dewdana said...

Poor puppy dog! I am glad he is coming home and hope his belly heals up fast. Such a brave boy! Give him loads of love from Moose and me!

Chester said...

Whadda matter with ya Parker? Sorry to see you are a conehead. Get well soon! You are way too good lookin' to feel bad.

Chester ;0=)

Charlie said...

You keep hanging in there! And whatever you ate before... just say "No" in future!

BRUTUS said...

I get behind on my blogs, and look what happens! So sorry to hear that your belly got sick! The mommies do worry so when we are not ourselves, goo thing the V.E.T. was able to make you all better! Hope all your problems are behind you (no pun intended) and that you get to go home soon!!

Snorts & Frenchie Kisses-

Ruby Red Dog said...

Happy to her Parker boy is on the mend. We came over from Moose's blog to check up on him.