Thursday, October 1, 2009

Livin' the good life

Well - things are back to normal around here. We had our trip to the Vet on Tues and the stitches were removed. Wow - I was soooo excited to be there, Mom didn't understand how I could still want to be there with all the trips i've had there in the last 10 months. Well I still can win over anyone's heart and that's what I do best, no matter where I am. So we came home and I was FREE in the house...everything was new to me, so I had to check everything out. Running up and down the stairs, smelling everywhere and then well I was tired from my exciting day, Mom had work to do and well my favorite spot to crash is ... her office.


Moose said...

Yay! I sleep on the sofa in momma's office too. So glad you have been released from parker jail!