Monday, June 20, 2011


I have been busy, with summertime. Been spending a lot of time sunbathing:

Oops no that is me being lazy!

OK, a few important things have happened: I HAVE HAD A BIRTHDAY! Yes, I am 6yrs old now. I was so spoiled for my bday, well I am a pretty spoiled creature everyday, but don't want Mom to hear me say that because we all know we can use more and more spoiling. Anyways, take a look at my gifts:

OK that was only one gift, but the one that was soooo yummy, thanks to my friend Vanessa, that I visited at the store on my bday! It was so much fun.

Also we have an intruder, yes bugs bunny! I need to keep watch so he doesn't get any of my food or think he can play with any of my toys. Who does he think he is anyways, eating MY grass!

I hope everyone is enjoyin' summertime as much as I am....and I will write again soon....Stay tuned for my next post - "PARKER gets mail"


Benny and Lily said...

We will take a piece of pie please
Benny & Lily

Chester said...

Happy Birthday Parker!! Whoop! Whoop! I am with Benny and Lily, I'd like a slice of that pie. It looks beyond yummers.

So, since you are now a mature 6 yrs old, do you have any wisdom to share with this 4.5 yr old?

Good to see ya Parker!
Woofs and slobbers,
Chester ;0=)