Monday, September 28, 2009

My weekend

Hello Friends....well tomorrow is the big day, I finally get these stitches out so I can roam freely around the house again. For now, I am going to tell you about my weekend in pictures:

Saturday night - me loving the attention of my human cousin Heidi's bf Matt - who nicknamed me chunky monkey...hmmm where'd he get that from??
Some playtime with my friends who I have been ignoring lately
Sunday Football - watchin' some games with Mom + playing
of course last but NOT least, me workin' the camera, being handsome

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hangin' around

Hi everyone! It's been a rough week. I want to thank everyone for sending along their wishes to me. I am starting to feel better and have just had to rest and eat small meals. I am takin' it easy and again kinda in prison, as i'm not allowed to walk stairs until next week. I am trying to catch up on everyone's stories and adventures and hope all my doggy bloggers are well. We hope that we will post better stories for you all to read.

Note to Jack: That satellite dish you had at your cabin, well mom says i'm wearing one and we get extra channels.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Parker's hospital stay

Well Parker sends a BIG hello and a huge amount of thanks to all his blogger doggy buddies + humans who sent their wishes for his recover. These photos were taken last night on our visit. He was wanting to come home, he was heading for the door. All in all he was doing pretty good, still on the pain killers, etc. It has been emotionally draining and just exhausting the past few days. However, good news! He is coming home this evening. We are keeping this post short, but I wanted to let everyone know that he is recovering well. We will post more in the next few days when he's back home where he belongs. Thanks again!!! And a special thanks to Moose + Dana!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thoughts + Prayers...please

This is mom writing. Not so good news today...Parker was sick yesterday all day and still not back to normal today. Long story short, brought him to the Vet Hospital + the xrays showed dilated intestines. Which can mean be a few scenarios - he ingested something that's obstructing or about a billion other things that right now I can't even write about. He is in surgery now approx. 10pm est. Please say a prayer for my best friend!

I miss him incredibly!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Whats for dinner....

Yummmm....those are my green beans. Oops I better get down from here now. Oh and you see my cookie jar on the counter? If you ask me where the cookies are, i'll let you know. Shhhh here's a secret, it's Mom's birthday tomorrow....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not guilty

Parker: Look I do not have ANY idea how these pillows got here....I just found them like this.
Mom: Really? well how do you explain this ....

Parker: Oh boy....i'm BUSTED!!!! But I know I just have to give her the sweet eyes and i'll be back being the best dog ever!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

LAB OR day weekend??

I am not quite sure but what is this weekend? It's a LAB or day weekend? I think Mom would take the Lab any Day. Well I think we need to celebrate all my lab pups, cause there is a day named after us.....woohoo! Let's see we can eat cookies in front of the TV or we can take some fun walks or play OR how about we catch some zzzzz's on the lawn chair. Oh wait, I think I do that pretty much everyday or so someone is making a comment about it.Have a HAPPY LAB or DAY weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I want to thank my twin-dude Chester for giving us a great award. We find all of you inspirational, but i'm going to give this award over to Moose because he is my fellow TPLO'er, which means we have both gone through the same surgery and Moose was ahead of me by a few weeks and he got us through a lot of the ups and downs.

So here's to you Moose!!

Oops I ate it!

Thanks for thinking of us Moose. He has asked us to play along. The rules are as follows:

By accepting this award means I need to be truthful and tell you about all the foods that I have stolen from humans when they were slacking off and not watching their plate, pantry or leaving stuff out for us dogs. Now, if you have never stolen any food, you must have been a really good pup! You can accept this yummy tray of cookies as your reward! Next add the logo of this award to your blog (optional), then nominate at least 5 others and let them know by leaving a message on their blogs.

Well here goes....the list is....VERY SHORT, actually absolutely not one piece of food that I have stolen. That makes me a very good pup - shouldn't I get some cookies for that? If it's about stealing clothing out of the laundry basket (clean or dirty), well I am a pro at that, maybe there is another award for that!

In the meantime, I am tagging a few of my buddies - if you have played along, I might have missed it and i'm sorry for that. Otherwise, let's hear it.

- Luna
- Buddy & Zack & Sassy
- Sophie & Graham