Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week 4 - still in prison but with some new friends

Hello to everyone! Hope your holidays are going well. I am starting to feel really good - but still confined here.....oh well I am being real patient cause it's Xmas time. I was a big boy and stayed alone for the first time xmas eve. I was upset when I heard all the gifts being put in the car, cause usually I get to go for a sleepover at Caramel's house - but not this year. I knew I would have some new toys within the next few days. For Christmas Moxie gave me "Boomer" he is in the photo with me. I love Boomer!! Hope all my fellow TPLOers got lots of fun stuff for xmas. Moose - I was sooo worried about you, glad things got better and when you are settled in your new digs, hope you update us.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Snow!!

As much as I love the sun in the summertime and I lay on the lawn chair near the pool, I also LOVE the snow! Unfortunately, I can't play outside in the snow now which is a real bummer. I love to "dig" and "rescue" toys that might be under the snow, but I can't do any of that this year. However, here are a few photos to see my leashed life in the snow.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mom...just watching some football!

Sundays are usually spent watching football with mom. Pre-surgery we would always cuddle on the couch and watch together. Since this prison thingy that I have lived in for the past weeks, I have snuck up on the couch once. Well today - woohoo football day - I did it again!!! Mom got up to go upstairs and didn't move the box back to where it should be. I stole her spot and look woohoo best seat in the house, see the TV screen?? Now let's hope she doesn't catch me here. OH no there's the flash on the camera, i'm busted!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey Moose....

I'm here buddy. Things are good - cold, snowy, but good. Just relaxin' and tryin' to keep busy and yet calm at the same time. I am psyched for Santa to come, mom tells me i've been real nice this year, so i'm wondering if he's going to have lots of stuff for me. I love cookies...but I hope Santa knows that i'm watching my weight during this prison time so I get low-fat 1 calorie cookies...but they are yum and cranberry flavor. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow all day again - I will be watching football with mom.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wanna cuddle??

Just a relaxin' day - weather is not great out there, it's been cold, snowy and just not the sunny weather I enjoy. OK - so it's really cause the surgeon says I need to relax for another 6 weeks!!!! Ahhh my blanket - now does someone wanna cuddle with me??

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My big day!

I got to go in the car again today...yay. Thing is I was on to it quickly where I was going. I was happy when I saw I was leaving the backyard - however, it didn't take me long and I was on alert. Does it show in the photo?

Can you tell which photo was taken on the way there and which on the way back home?

I got to the vet and with all the snow and ice around, we had to be really careful. Once inside, I waited for Marilyn to come get me, hurry...cause I know the staples are being removed. They came to get me and wow that was fast!!! I returned and was READY to get back in the car and sleep on the drive home...oh how I love the car, just not on the way to this place. Yay, my next appointment is January 27th - WOW that's next year. Everything is fine, i'm to rest some more, don't know how much more resting and taking it easy I can do, but that's what the doctor ordered.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas decorating

Yay...Christmas decorations. I love when my stocking gets hung on the mantle. However, why am I not up those stairs helping out and sniffing in all the boxes? No tree this year as we are always in the den, but we must decorate the mantle and leave the stockings for Santa.

Friday, December 5, 2008

2 hour pass

Look at me....I am in the car! I escaped prison today, hmmm it was quite easy though, they brought me on a leash to my favorite place - the CAR! Woohoo....problem is, what i'm seeing it the road to the vet hospital, oh no. My mom keeps saying that she isn't leaving me there overnight again, so that makes me feel a little better. So we get there and i'm way too excited, I mean I haven't seen anyone or ventured outside my backyard for 1 week. Humans...I see humans yay. I am waiting for Marilyn to come get me to take off my bandage - this hockey stick as some have called it. So she comes to get me and takes me away and off comes the bandage. Wow I feel weird without it, I can move. I hop back out and she says everything looks good. Keep me calm for another week and we'll see her next Thursday at 1pm for the removal of my stitches...ouch! Awww the car ride home - so peaceful, I know where i'm going - back to my comfy make shift bed.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 6 - Post op....being my old self

Well today is day 6...and since yesterday Parker is experiencing Prison Fever. He is still pretty cooperative but has been a little more like himself. Yesterday morning I was sleeping when he jumped on the couch to my feet - he has not attempted this to date. Quickly grabbed the sling and brought him back down off the couch, not allowing his back leg to touch when coming down. This morning he threw up, which worried me a little, but his stomach settled and I fed him 2 hrs later and from then on he's been fine. I will mention it to vet tomorrow on our 1st week follow-up appt. Today he is crying a bit, but almost like a grunt cry, as if he is frustrated. A few photos of how he is adapting to his "cast" on his leg and still determined to be the cute attention grabber that he is....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 4 - Post Op and he's getting bored already

Well it has been 4 days since his surgery. He is a trooper, he is doing well for the most part. He certainly has nothing to say about being in his prison. He has not shown any signs of discomfort at all, except yesterday. He wanted to sit on the bad leg, which he has done b4, but when he went to sit down, with the bandage and all its' quite stiff - he for some reason let out a huge yelp - which I have Never heard Parker do. It tugged at my heart. He quickly laid down on the good leg and looked at me with sad eyes. I rubbed his belly and he went to sleep. Last night he woke up at 3am and just wasn't sleeping anymore. I think it's more a discomfort due to the bandage then anything else - cause he just can't always get comfortable. Otherwise he is doing great all around. I am still a pack of nerves though...guess it's to be expected.