Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week 4 - still in prison but with some new friends

Hello to everyone! Hope your holidays are going well. I am starting to feel really good - but still confined here.....oh well I am being real patient cause it's Xmas time. I was a big boy and stayed alone for the first time xmas eve. I was upset when I heard all the gifts being put in the car, cause usually I get to go for a sleepover at Caramel's house - but not this year. I knew I would have some new toys within the next few days. For Christmas Moxie gave me "Boomer" he is in the photo with me. I love Boomer!! Hope all my fellow TPLOers got lots of fun stuff for xmas. Moose - I was sooo worried about you, glad things got better and when you are settled in your new digs, hope you update us.


Life With Dogs said...

Boomer looks like a blast - now take him out in the snow for some fun!