Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yay...16 week check-up

Well off we went to the surgeon for our final visit (16-week) which is officially tomorrow. I got there and was really happy cause I stepped on the scale and woohoo 72.3 - which is really good for me. Everyone was extremely thinking how awesome it is how I could've lost weight during my recovery. Well the surgeon was Extremely pleased with my progress...they made mom walk me up and down the hallway, which I didn't quite understand as there were girls working at something that looked kinda like my mom's computer she works on all day and nights too. Anyways, all in all everything went well. He wants mom and I to start jogging, which i'm looking forward to. One more month and then I can be off leash and playing with others. Mom is really happy with me and keeps telling me how proud she is that i've done so well and been such a good boy all these months. She also says that i'm going somewhere called "the beach" this summer - not sure what that means yet.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oops...did you need this...?

Is it my fault that I found this paper on the floor? It doesn't belong there, i'm only trying to help with keeping our house clean - anything out of place, I will either bark at or chew up for the recycling...what do you think..?

Monday, March 16, 2009

WAIT a minute.....what do I see?

So I was sitting beside mom on the couch and she was looking at the vacation pics...look what I came across. I thought she said NO dogs were allowed, how'd they get there? The first 2 photos were in a folder called South Beach and the others a folder called St.Maarten. I will keep looking and see if I find any other info.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bruno's travels

So as I mentioned this last vacation - there were NO dogs allowed, don't get me started on how I do not agree with some of these human rules. Anyways, Bruno my pet lion went along for the trip and here are some photos of his journey.




YAY...that was a FUN trip - but I am
missing m buddy Parker! He will be
happy to see me and we'll be back to
playing together, him tossing me around.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am home!!!!

Hey gang....i'm back! As some of you know, I was at the "sportsclub" while my parents were on a ship in the Caribbean...can you believe it? They don't allow dogs on those things. Anyways, my stay was cool, I was in the country, out on walks 5 times a day and they nicknamed me to "The Pulling Machine". Well my mom warned them that I don't walk too well unless she's walking me, but they didn't listen. It all worked out ok though - we ended up being friends and I was ok walking with others. I am happy to be home, i've been real tired since i'm back and just in the comforts of my own place, my pillow, blanket...ahhh it's great! I have passed the 14-week mark since my TPLO and all is good. We are now on LONG LEASH walking, which is great fun cause I get to trot a little, no running, but trotting and it's GREEEAAAT! Stay tuned for some vacation photos mom took while she was gone, she brought along my Lion - "Bruno" and took photos of him in different locations....