Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am home!!!!

Hey gang....i'm back! As some of you know, I was at the "sportsclub" while my parents were on a ship in the Caribbean...can you believe it? They don't allow dogs on those things. Anyways, my stay was cool, I was in the country, out on walks 5 times a day and they nicknamed me to "The Pulling Machine". Well my mom warned them that I don't walk too well unless she's walking me, but they didn't listen. It all worked out ok though - we ended up being friends and I was ok walking with others. I am happy to be home, i've been real tired since i'm back and just in the comforts of my own place, my pillow, blanket...ahhh it's great! I have passed the 14-week mark since my TPLO and all is good. We are now on LONG LEASH walking, which is great fun cause I get to trot a little, no running, but trotting and it's GREEEAAAT! Stay tuned for some vacation photos mom took while she was gone, she brought along my Lion - "Bruno" and took photos of him in different locations....


Moose said...

Welcome home Parker! I bet you could be an awesome pulling machine! I have to laugh when they try to bring Moose out from the back on the tiny little slip lead. Even with linoleum floors they get dragged the whole way! Brave of them to take you out 5x a day too! Wow! Nice to have you back!