Monday, February 23, 2009

Are they just jealous of my good looks?

So on Friday we went to see my vet. As some of you know my parents are off on a vacation at the end of this week - that means, I head to the sports club. Well we had to go to my vet to get my kennel cough vaccine. So there we are at the vet's around lunchtime, usually no one there. I was happy-go-lucky as I usually am, trying to climb on the counter to see the receptionist and wanting IN to the examining room - as I know there are cookies there! Well outside there is a blond lab, at first I thought, hmmm a dog to play with. The woman brought her in and I was just being friendly I sniffed her face and she snapped at me, close to my eye! Can you believe it???? And like it was normal, the owner didn't say a word. How could these human parents be so uncaring about others. I am a tough guy and didn't retaliate, I just stood there until it was my turn. Well I had fun in the examining room, Dr. Blain was happy how good I looked, trimmed down since she last saw me back in October, and I was prancing around looking for the cookies. Well it was time to get on the scale. They opened the door and I ran...woohoo, through the back rooms, it was great, exploring everywhere. All in all it was eventful time at the vet - I think that dog was just jealous of my Bionic Leg ... what do you think??????

Monday, February 16, 2009

Look at!!

I didn't sneak up I swear! Look my blanket is placed, she let me up - I am just not sure if I can get too comfy? Oh wait...yes I can, this is soooo good, feels soft and just how I used to feel. Well, I am doing great, walks are increasing, i'm tired though - man she's always saying ok c'mon Parker, it's time...and there we go again. I do love it but whoa it sure is a difference from the last months that I spent in Prison with only a few prison breaks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Look I can help Moose be a snake wrangler !

I was freaking out for my buddy southernmost Moose and his mom the other day when we were watching CNN and they reported BIG SNAKES in Key Largo...I was thinking oh no, I might need to go there and help Moose, cause I do have some experience with snakes, as you see from the photo. What?? OK so maybe he's not real to you, but his name is - well...Snake. He comes from Arizona, in my mom's suitcase.

It has been 10 weeks already since my surgery. I am feeling good and back to my old self - stealing laundry amongst other mischievous acts. Well, it has been really cold lately and i've gotten overly sensitive on my paws. So, we have ordered some booties, not sure how they are going to look on me, but we'll see next week when they arrive. I have always been a tough lab but not so much anymore, at least not with the cold. Today is a decent day weather-wise, i've already been on one 10-minute walk this morning and it was fun as we met our neighbor Louise, it was great fun to actually be outside and see some life. Later on I will be taking another walk, wish me luck as this is the first day of 2 x 10 minute walks...yay!!!!!