Friday, February 6, 2009

Look I can help Moose be a snake wrangler !

I was freaking out for my buddy southernmost Moose and his mom the other day when we were watching CNN and they reported BIG SNAKES in Key Largo...I was thinking oh no, I might need to go there and help Moose, cause I do have some experience with snakes, as you see from the photo. What?? OK so maybe he's not real to you, but his name is - well...Snake. He comes from Arizona, in my mom's suitcase.

It has been 10 weeks already since my surgery. I am feeling good and back to my old self - stealing laundry amongst other mischievous acts. Well, it has been really cold lately and i've gotten overly sensitive on my paws. So, we have ordered some booties, not sure how they are going to look on me, but we'll see next week when they arrive. I have always been a tough lab but not so much anymore, at least not with the cold. Today is a decent day weather-wise, i've already been on one 10-minute walk this morning and it was fun as we met our neighbor Louise, it was great fun to actually be outside and see some life. Later on I will be taking another walk, wish me luck as this is the first day of 2 x 10 minute walks...yay!!!!!


Moose said...

oh good heavens Parker! Hilarious! Moose is touched that you are concerned for him and so brave with 'snake'!
I wonder if not walking on the rough ground so much for the past 10 weeks has made your paw pads more tender and that is why the cold is bothering them? Once you get to walkin more I bet you will be back to your tough self! Have you worn booties before? If not have your mom take pics and video b/c it is bound to be hilarious at first! Another chocolate pal of ours acted like he was glued to the floor and never took a step until they were off! Maybe you are more brave than that though!

Life With Dogs said...

Let me know if you have luck with the booties. Our dogs won't tolerate them :)