Monday, February 23, 2009

Are they just jealous of my good looks?

So on Friday we went to see my vet. As some of you know my parents are off on a vacation at the end of this week - that means, I head to the sports club. Well we had to go to my vet to get my kennel cough vaccine. So there we are at the vet's around lunchtime, usually no one there. I was happy-go-lucky as I usually am, trying to climb on the counter to see the receptionist and wanting IN to the examining room - as I know there are cookies there! Well outside there is a blond lab, at first I thought, hmmm a dog to play with. The woman brought her in and I was just being friendly I sniffed her face and she snapped at me, close to my eye! Can you believe it???? And like it was normal, the owner didn't say a word. How could these human parents be so uncaring about others. I am a tough guy and didn't retaliate, I just stood there until it was my turn. Well I had fun in the examining room, Dr. Blain was happy how good I looked, trimmed down since she last saw me back in October, and I was prancing around looking for the cookies. Well it was time to get on the scale. They opened the door and I ran...woohoo, through the back rooms, it was great, exploring everywhere. All in all it was eventful time at the vet - I think that dog was just jealous of my Bionic Leg ... what do you think??????


Moose said...

Totally jealous of your handsome face and super knee! Obviously the other owner did not react because that is totally normal for her dog. The question I have for that owner is what did she do to her lab to make it act that way... totally un-labbie! Moose was snapped at and chased by a boxer at the park whose human was on his cel and finally told him to 'stop it' after Moose was thoroughly terrorized and had a small nick btw his eyes (at least I think that is how he got it). Glad Parker's handsome face came through ok and hope he enjoyed his tour of the vet! Moose's vet has a whole room with stacks of kibble and that is where he is always trying to go so it would be pretty easy to find him if he got loose there.

Gwen said...

Parker, Heisman wants you to know that not all blonde labs are that way! This one was totally jealous of your knee!

Hope your parents have a relaxing vacation!

Life With Dogs said...

I think she wanted flowers :)

JacksDad said...

I am truly amazed that you could keep Parker calm for so long! You must show me how you did it sometime! :)

My lab, Jack, just turned 6 months this week and I can't imagine keeping him quiet for 6 hours, much less several weeks. Jack has a blog too:
just in case Parker would like to see his new friend! :)