Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 2 - Post Op

Well last night he slept better than expected, and I actually got some sleep too, sleeping right beside him but on the couch. We are all set up, it's like a huge slumber party . He has not cried at all since he's home. He is getting used to the cast (bandage) on his leg, he is funny when he can't move, he looks at it and kind of gives it a dirty look. He is more like himself today but still tired so he naps often. I am happy that he is doing this good with it only being 2 days post op. Right now he is sleeping at my feet and he has figured out how to turn on his back and how his belly, not an easy task with the huge bandage weighing him down, but he manages to be as cute as ever.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Back home....

He is home and back in his "prison". He hasn't shown any discomfort, mostly just takes him a while to get comfy to sleep. His leg being wrapped up the way it is makes it awkward to say the least. I am sitting with him on the floor, I can't leave his side. Everytime he moves, I freak a looks painful to me. However, he seems ok. He did need a potty break and that went well too. Now about the bandage, the vet tech mentioned that some surgeons do and some don't. The other surgeon at the same place doesn't put a bandage and this guy bandages him up...anyways, whatever works, I guess. One day at a time!

Car ride home!!!

Picked him up and he was extremely a lab should be! Got him in the car no problems. Being prepared is the best way and the only way I could've done it is with all the helpful information people have posted. Our make-shift sling was made out of an old bedsheet. The vet tech seemed impressed that we were all prepared for his homecoming - are you kidding??? I have been so stressed over this since the day the surgeon told us he needed TPLO. Hopefully him coming home to exactly what he'd been living - with the exception of his leg being all wrapped up would be OK with him.

So quiet without Parker

At about 1:15 they called and said Parker is out of surgery. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Everything went routinely, only that he vomited during the surgery so they gave him anti-acids to ensure no inflammation in the esophagus. Today was a very quiet day without having him here. This evening called back and he had been awake and doing well. They kept him on the pain killers and slowly weaning him off the drip. I was wondering how I would sleep tonight - excited that he's coming home tomorrow, but worried at the same time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Surgery Day

It's 5:45am and we had to wake up, Parker was thinking huh....why is it still dark out and she wants me to wake up? Usually, I wake her up. Of course he then quickly awakes and thinks he is going to eat. I told him we're going in the car and he was up on his feet....waiting!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Before Surgery

The day before Parker's TPLO I spent it with him, mostly cuddling with him on the floor in his "prison". I took a few photos of him and this one represented what I thought he might be thinking - "maybe if I look at you with my cute face, you won't bring me to the hospital tomorrow"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Photo Diary

Lazy days....

Parker's TPLO is scheduled for Thurs. Nov. 27th, drop off is at 7am. For the next few days he will continue to be held captive (as he calls it) in the den. He is all set up with his huge duvet, pillows and his toys and a 42" LCD flatpanel with surround sound. He doesn't complain about being down here and it's the "getting used to" phase pre-operation.

Specialist Vet Visit - 11/18/2008

Been dreading this appointment. As we walked in there was a chocolate lab with a shaved back leg that looked exactly like Parker, thought it was his sister, as the age was the same. Turned out not to be. Her name was Coco, she had had the TPLO surgery to fix her CCL problem. Her owner Merle reassured me that Dr. Dupuis was the best TPLO guy in Canada. It was a sigh of relief and yet thoughts raced thru my mind about my poor baby boy. Everyone at the DMV (Lachine) was super nice and friendly and Dr. Dupuis concluded Parker had a torn CCL and required surgery. We went home and contemplated the procedure.


Noticed a slight limp which would come and go. It seemed more noticeable after one of his naps. Took him to the vet for a visit. He loves the vet as she always feeds him cookies...yum! She decided xrays were needed and those came back with great results of his hips but did show a little "something" on his left knee. A prescription of Rimadyl was given for the pain and swelling. He was to be on strict rest and no "sports" for 8 weeks. Oh boy that meant, keeping him calm, no squirrel chasing and no roughing with other dogs. He was going to the Condo (kennel..shhh) for his summer vacation as we were off to Myrtle Beach for 2 weeks. We mentioned it to the Franki at the kennel and she said we'll take good care of him. Of course being the concerned dog mommy I called, emailed almost everyday and she let me know he was fine and enjoying his stay. Picked him up the morning after our long drive back to Montreal from Myrtle Beach. He was so happy to be back in the comforts of his home....

Summer 2008

Parker loves the outdoors and the sun, he is usually out chasing squirrels or he loves to laze around, or as my neighbor puts it - relaxing at the "spa", cause he lays on the lawn chair looking out to the pool.

Parker's Intro

He was born in Stoneham, Qc May 19, 2005. Pick up of the new pup was July 23rd. Immediately, fell in love with this puppy who got the name Parker from Spiderman (Peter Parker). 3 hr ride home and he was already the best dog i'd ever had. Fast forward to 2008, he has turned out to be the best dog ever and my best friend!!!