Friday, November 28, 2008

Car ride home!!!

Picked him up and he was extremely a lab should be! Got him in the car no problems. Being prepared is the best way and the only way I could've done it is with all the helpful information people have posted. Our make-shift sling was made out of an old bedsheet. The vet tech seemed impressed that we were all prepared for his homecoming - are you kidding??? I have been so stressed over this since the day the surgeon told us he needed TPLO. Hopefully him coming home to exactly what he'd been living - with the exception of his leg being all wrapped up would be OK with him.


Moose said...

Yay Parker goin home! My surgeon seemed surprised that I had an e-collar with me... if only he had known about the ramp and crate, pen, rugs etc that were ready for Moose he would have really been impressed (or thought I was a nut). Thank goodness for orthodogs!