Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 2 - Post Op

Well last night he slept better than expected, and I actually got some sleep too, sleeping right beside him but on the couch. We are all set up, it's like a huge slumber party . He has not cried at all since he's home. He is getting used to the cast (bandage) on his leg, he is funny when he can't move, he looks at it and kind of gives it a dirty look. He is more like himself today but still tired so he naps often. I am happy that he is doing this good with it only being 2 days post op. Right now he is sleeping at my feet and he has figured out how to turn on his back and how his belly, not an easy task with the huge bandage weighing him down, but he manages to be as cute as ever.


Moose said...

I am sleeping on the couch too! I could probably go back to my bed now but just feels better to be near him. Glad your guy is resting comfortably and not crying. You will have to post some pics of him rolling around... It is hard to picture but I am sure it is adorable!