Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My 8 - week outing to where else? The hospital!

OK I was practically howling on the way to the vet this time. I knew that I was having my 8-week check-up and xrays to see if bone healing has taken place which would equal to - MORE FREEDOM. More, you say? I haven't had ANY. All I hear all the time is how sucha good boy I am and have made everyone real proud that I haven't complained much at all. Well - GREAT news! Bone healing is almost at 100% and we are beginning my rehab program - WALKS...yay! They took the xrays (see here - even though they were easier to read at the hospital), and when he brought me back to the examining room I ran to mom and was like - OK let's go, let's get outta here...NOW! But I needed to lay there, while they talked. So, we've got a rehab program and are on our way to recovery! I go back for a final check-up March 24th. Know what's the best part besides the WALKS? I get to see the upstairs of the house again, and sleep in the bedroom. I hear though, that i'm not sleeping on the bed. It's ok though, we are going to transport my bed upstairs to be alongside the bed - I will TAKE IT!!!!


Gwen said...

Hooray! Heisman and I were hoping for good news! Congrats on your freedom!

Moose said...

Yea you finally got them! They do look great to me (what do I know?) and definitely further along than Moose's. I can see a little line on the front view so now it helps me gauge what Moose's should look like so thanks for posting! Plus. posted Parker pics are particularly pleasing... ok not sure where the p frenzy came from but once I started I could not stop!

Stephanie said...

That is wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear he's almost free.

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

Great news!!

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Splash said...

Gosh I am glad you are feeling better. Mom broke finger two years ago, and it still hurts when she gets cold, so she wears gloves. Sometimes we dogs have to wear clothes for the Greater Good.

Your friend,