Saturday, January 17, 2009

Parker's Upcoming Vacation....

Had to look for a place for Parker to "vacation" while we are on our up-coming vacation to the Caribbean, end of Feb. It has always been difficult to board him when going away - but obviously this time is extremely difficult considering he will be 12 weeks post-op when we leave. Went to take a look at the following facilities: as they came recommended and I was happily surprised. Beautifully situated in the "woods" and a great receptionist when you arrive - that's Kiva sitting there, I think Parker will be well taken care of. Now how will I do? That's another question!


Moose said...

I am sure that will be nerve wracking but I am sure it will be fine since you seem to have found a good place. I boarded Moose back before surgery when I was trying to avoid a full tear. I found a great place but sadly he could not enjoy all of the great stuff like cageless play in a huge field with a doggie pool. He would have loved that but then the only reason he needed to be boarded was b/c he could not play. so sad. ANyway, they seem to have followed my specific instructions and all was well! Pretty snow pic BTW!

Kelli said...

Hi Parker!
Welcome to Dogs with Blogs! I hope you have a good time on your vacation! I bet you will have a good time at the place your peoples find for you!

The Musketeers said...

Parker ! Welcome to the DWB ! hope to be friedns with you & hope you make many more new friends ! Do link us up yeah (:

Loves & Smoochies ,
Four Musketeers