Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 6 - Post op....being my old self

Well today is day 6...and since yesterday Parker is experiencing Prison Fever. He is still pretty cooperative but has been a little more like himself. Yesterday morning I was sleeping when he jumped on the couch to my feet - he has not attempted this to date. Quickly grabbed the sling and brought him back down off the couch, not allowing his back leg to touch when coming down. This morning he threw up, which worried me a little, but his stomach settled and I fed him 2 hrs later and from then on he's been fine. I will mention it to vet tomorrow on our 1st week follow-up appt. Today he is crying a bit, but almost like a grunt cry, as if he is frustrated. A few photos of how he is adapting to his "cast" on his leg and still determined to be the cute attention grabber that he is....


Moose said...

Yay Parker pics! That on his back thing is hilarious! Glad he is doing well other than prison fever and tummy troubles (side effect of other meds maybe- I know you said he is not a 'thrower-upper'?). We go for our 1st checkup tomorrow too, hope we both come home w/ good news and he will be minus one green cast!