Thursday, December 11, 2008

My big day!

I got to go in the car again today...yay. Thing is I was on to it quickly where I was going. I was happy when I saw I was leaving the backyard - however, it didn't take me long and I was on alert. Does it show in the photo?

Can you tell which photo was taken on the way there and which on the way back home?

I got to the vet and with all the snow and ice around, we had to be really careful. Once inside, I waited for Marilyn to come get me, hurry...cause I know the staples are being removed. They came to get me and wow that was fast!!! I returned and was READY to get back in the car and sleep on the drive home...oh how I love the car, just not on the way to this place. Yay, my next appointment is January 27th - WOW that's next year. Everything is fine, i'm to rest some more, don't know how much more resting and taking it easy I can do, but that's what the doctor ordered.


Moose said...

yay!Glad you are free of staples and all is well! You definitely look a bit concerned in the first pic! Such a handsome boy!