Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey Moose....

I'm here buddy. Things are good - cold, snowy, but good. Just relaxin' and tryin' to keep busy and yet calm at the same time. I am psyched for Santa to come, mom tells me i've been real nice this year, so i'm wondering if he's going to have lots of stuff for me. I love cookies...but I hope Santa knows that i'm watching my weight during this prison time so I get low-fat 1 calorie cookies...but they are yum and cranberry flavor. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow all day again - I will be watching football with mom.


Moose said...

Awesome to hear it! Cranberry cookies... would those be the new flavor of Charlee Bears? we love those (mom calls them crackers though). She also got some canidae snap bits that are 4 cals instead of 3 but she just thought we should mix it up a bit for my prison diet! Mom says santa brought me a new knee for christmas but I know she will cave and make him bring me something else! I hope he can find a toy I don't already have ;-) Glad all is well!