Friday, December 5, 2008

2 hour pass

Look at me....I am in the car! I escaped prison today, hmmm it was quite easy though, they brought me on a leash to my favorite place - the CAR! Woohoo....problem is, what i'm seeing it the road to the vet hospital, oh no. My mom keeps saying that she isn't leaving me there overnight again, so that makes me feel a little better. So we get there and i'm way too excited, I mean I haven't seen anyone or ventured outside my backyard for 1 week. Humans...I see humans yay. I am waiting for Marilyn to come get me to take off my bandage - this hockey stick as some have called it. So she comes to get me and takes me away and off comes the bandage. Wow I feel weird without it, I can move. I hop back out and she says everything looks good. Keep me calm for another week and we'll see her next Thursday at 1pm for the removal of my stitches...ouch! Awww the car ride home - so peaceful, I know where i'm going - back to my comfy make shift bed.


Moose said...

Ha! Moose hears you loud and clear! Since we live alone, even seeing new people was so exciting. He went in the back with the vet techs which surprised me but boy was he relieved when they brought him back out! No thank you for another sleepover at the vet! And thanks for the comments on the pics, the flowers this time of year are one of the benefits of living in South Florida. I am sure Moose would trade them all or a romp in the snow though! I hope to take him to see it some day but that won't be happening anytime soon!