Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Parker here - this is not wordless Wednesday because I have something to say - I AM A MOVIE STAR - thanks to my buddy JACK

Mom: Parker, you're not a star just yet, calm down

Parker: What? I am sooo excited, I'm going to be flown to Arizona to shoot the movie with Jack and the other movie stars. I am going to have a trailer, I get to see cactus' I cannnnot wait!

Mom: As you can see Parker is a little excited

Parker: Look at that photo of me - that is the first one that will be in my Portfolio, from now on - Movie Star Quality Only mom - no Pawpawrazzi - like photos! Only ones where I look like Brian (Family Guy) or Dino (Flintstones)

Mom: those are cartoon dogs Parker, sure you want to be compared to them?

Parker: I am going to lay down - it's tough being a movie star, I do need my handsome sleep.


Two French Bulldogs said...

Movie star! Pawparrazzi! Oh my!!
Benny & Lily

Moose said...

Movie star??? We have to go check out what is up at Jack's I bet it is gonna be exciting whatever it is! That is one handsome photo and should definitely be first in your portfolio!

JacksDad said...

You are more beautiful than most movie stars!!! (Even Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia!)

JacksDad said...

Oh and BTW, fantastic picture!!

Ms. ~K said...

Ooooh Parker, I'll be looking for you at the premiere tomorrow! Maybe we can sit together and share some popcorn,
CowGirl Sas

Anonymous said...

Hi, Parker. Twinkie here. Haven't seen you since November!!! I just realized that. I guess I just want to be your friend now, since you're a movie star. BOL
Seriously, a quick hello. I found one of your old comments to me. I guess I lost touch when I messed up my Google Reader.
Take care, and beware of pup-arazzi