Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank you!!!!

I want to pawsonally thank Life with Dogs + The Unruly Hound for my beautiful collar. I know my mom posted something about this a little while back, but I wanted to take the time myself to say "thanks". When I got my mail, I was sooooo excited, it said Handle with Care, and well here is me:

But those teeth marks, I think it was the postman....or no...the squirrel that is ALWAYS around my house, that's it!
Now, this is for Holly - who Mom said was just a joy to deal with - Mom has been trying to get a "good photo" of me wearing my beautiful new collar, but it hasn't worked out, as i'm not the easiest model that she's worked with. All this to say, we have not forgotten about your request for a photo to put on your website. I am so excited and honored that you would want me on your site. So when we get the photo - we will be posting here and emailing it to you. Thanks again!!!


Holly TheUnrulyHound said...

Hi Parker!!! Boy you have some ravenous squirrels up there in Canada! ;) I love that you got to open your own package, My houndie Cabby gets to do that too and he has a blast! We have to be very careful that there are no packages that he shouldn't get ahold of at the gate when we let him out! hahahaha!!! I am so excited that your momma will get me a picture of you for my webpage! you will be the first Chocolate lab on my happy hounds page ;) you will be famous! I am so glad that you like your collar, bark atcha later love!
Holly and Cabby (THE Unruly Hound)

Moose said...

We saw your collar awhile back and it took me awhile to figure out that you got it as a present from Nigel! How awesome. It is a beautiful collar and I can imagine how awesome it will look of your chocolate fur! You must let your momma take a picture of it! Are you shy or something? I will have to check out the unruly hound for Moose's next collar. He has one with his name but it is a little big, even for a Moose!

JacksDad said...

Tell your mom if she will give you a cookie, you will let her take a picture.

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

You look soooooooooooooo handsome with your collar!!!!
We think that you could wear everything and you will be gorgeous always!!!!!!
have a great sunday!!!
We love youuuuuuuuu!!!
Kiss kiss

Najia said...

Hi Parker!

Thanks for stopping by to see my new Golden sisters. They are something else buddy! (Don't tell anyone but they're kind of chubby...tee hee.)

I am happy to have company again while mom and dad are working. What better company than two pretty girls, right!? Woof woof!

By the way, Happy 4th Gotchya Day!

I hope to see ya 'round my mama's blog again!

Milo & his new sisters (they haven't learned to type yet!).

Najia said...

Hello again Parker!

Our mama said you can visit San Diego any time and we can go to the beach together!


Milo & the Golden Girls