Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dedicated to Mousse

It is a sad day for us today. Our furry friend Mousse from Chicago left us and is now in puppy heaven. It was a short journey for this beautiful pup. His Mommy Ann and my mom have been friends since High School and even though I have never met Mousse, he sounds a lot like me. Our mom's were always saying how we are like humans, not average dogs (well let's just say none of us are average dogs - but you know how mom's + dad's are...). Mousse was only 2 yrs old and was diagnosed with Lymphoma just 2 weeks ago, but very advanced. Please send your kind words of support to us and we will send them to Ann. She lost her best friend today and my Mom is really sad - everyone should hug their furry friends today and always!!!Rest in peace Mousse big buddy we will miss you!!!! xoxoxo


Ann and Mousse said...

I love you xoxox

JacksDad said...

Wow, two weeks. That's very sad! :(

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my, poor baby!!! We are so sad for your friend
Benny & Lily

Moose said...

So sorry for Mousse and his mommy. That is a very sudden loss of a very young boy. So very sad. Although it was too short, I can tell he spent his two years being very loved and that is the really important part. He was very handsome too and not just because I am partial to beautiful black pups, and of course he had a great name...Mousse is the french version of Moose right? ;-)
Hugs to all.
Moose + Momma

Ms. ~K said...

Very sad!
My heart aches for Ann. Mousse was a beautiful pup.

Unknown said...

Mousse had a short life but it's clear from what you wrote that he had the best life and above all he was loved! I'm sad for his family. As for Mousse, we'll see him later.

Ann O'Brien said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words and love. Mousse was my best friend. A loving puppy full of energy. It was devastating to see my big strong boy frail and afraid. I know I did the best thing for him but it is truly the biggest heartache I have suffered yet. I am so lonesome today and the pain feels like it is getting worse instead of better. is this normal?? Please keep me in your thoughts and send positive vibes. I am devastated!!

With thanks.

Ann (and Mousse) xox