Sunday, February 7, 2010

We need to move South....

Ok so that is not exactly what my vet told me the last visit. No worries, all is good with me, just routine stuff. Anyways, I told her that i'm cold outside, and she made me step on this BIG metal thing and they were trying to make me (the happy lab) stand still with a cookie. Anyways, I finally did and guess what - i'm underweight!!!! some of you might remember I was a little chubby at the time of my knee surgery. Well the vet was real happy on how I got my weight down (ok it was Mom's doing). Anyways, that is why i'm cold outside in these frigid Canadian temperatures. I need to be running outdoors, none of these walks - running is so much better! Oh AND I get more food and more cookies (mom doesn't know that I slipped the vet a $20 to rig the scale).

Note from Mom: I was surprised that she said he needs to gain weight, I never thought those words would come out of her mouth. Thankfully he is healthy and is doing good on his feet (running and all).


Unknown said...

Shocking. I think it's a good thing though. Who needs to be carrying around extra weight. I stay lean myself. The vet sure would like me to put on a few more ounces, but I like to maintain my silhouette.

JacksDad said...

Very good! It's so hard to get a puppy to stop eating!!

Moose said...

Really? You look perfect to me. There were times when I thought. Moose got a little too skinny but that was mostly because I don't like the too skinny look on a lab. But even at that weight I would not think he was in any way unhealthy. I am sure your vet knows best but you look perfect to me! I like your scarf too. Very stylish!

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

We can't believe!!!!!!!
You look perfect and sooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
Your vet sure knows what's better for you...but for us you're gorgeous!!!!!
And we love love your scarf!!!
So Parker..take care and do the best for you!!!!
Sweet kisses and licks!!!!

Life With Dogs said...

We are at the opposite end of the spectrum with Truffles but are starting a strict diet. At least it will be easy to add a few pounds. :)

Byron said...

Congrats on your clean bill of health Parker. Enjoy those extra cookies!

Licks and slobbers,